17 December 2019

Bookish Blog Hop || Do you keep your TBR stack on a separate shelf from your already read books or are they mixed?

I'm excited to be sharing another stop on the Bookish Blog Hop!

Each day, bloggers answer questions about themselves and the books they are reading.

Today's question is: 

Do you keep your TBR stack on a separate shelf from your already read books or are they mixed?

Most of what I read these days are ARCs from authors, publishers, and Netgalley. I have a system that, while it doesn’t seem incredibly organized, works for me.

I add the books in those categories to my TBR on Goodreads and have a shelf for “upcoming reviews”. Then under my Kindle app, I have them sorted into collections by tour review books, Netgalley books, and author direct requests. I have a collection for books that I’ve finished reading but haven’t written a review yet. I also guest post for Wicked Cool Flight so I have the same collections for that blog. I also sort out any Kindle Unlimited books and books that I just want to read for fun. That's my biggest collection with 76(!) currently. 

I think that's my JIC file if I find myself without something to read. 😂

Here's what the others had to say:

Jo Linsdell - www.JoLinsdell.com

Yes. I have a separate shelf on my bookshelf where I put all my print copies I’ve yet to read. I need to work out a way to do the same with my kindle reader so that ebooks on my TBR are just as easy to find. 

Danielle - Snatched Words www.snatchedwords.com

I keep my TBR stack separate. Even the thought of mixing them up made me feel a bit flustered! My TBR stack is in my bedroom as I tend to read before bed whereas my main bookcase is in the lounge.

Erica Robyn - https://www.ericarobynreads.com/

I just got bookshelves for the first time since I was in high school, so I now have a stack just for my physical book TBR! It’s SO nice having the space to separate them. Though I do wish I had one of those lovely TBR carts! Maybe one day. For my ebooks, I keep a spreadsheet of the ones I have on my Kindle but haven’t read yet. One of my goals this month is to read through my honest review copies from authors and publishers so I can start 2020 fresh. *fingers crossed!*

I don’t, mostly because I would rather keep series together on a shelf, and anymore there are only a couple books out of the myriad I have that are actually “unread”, so that wouldn’t make sense to me to cram all my books onto the other shelves just so I could have one with just the five that I haven’t gotten around to yet. 
That being said, I do separate the books I’m actively reading by keeping them on my nightstand till I’ve read them. The only TBR list I really keep is the list of books I intend to feature as reviews on my blog, and that list I keep electronically, on my device. (We are currently 50 books deep at last count, I believe… and no matter how much I read it’s not getting any shorter! Yikes!) That way I can at least keep track of the titles and stuff, and if I need to grab one off the shelf, I know which one to get.

Tania Richardson -www.thebookwormmummy.com

I have a “three shelf system” at home based on the system we use at www.bookcrossing.com, because it helps me stay organized! My Permanent Collection shelf is where I keep books I’ve loved, want to keep, and will likely re-read at some point. They are proudly displayed for everyone to see! My To Be Read shelf (well, shelves) hold all my TBR books, while the Available shelf (which is really more a pile of books in the corner…) are all the books I’ve read and plan to share and give away to other readers! 

So there you have it! How do you keep from drowning in that unorganized TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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