09 December 2019

Review || Things She's Seen by Pat Esden

The coven’s under investigation. Its future is in peril. And for one troubled young psychic, the coming battle will threaten her newfound freedom—and brings back a dangerous desire . . .

Exploited as a child medium, Emily Adams escaped to grow up on the streets—and hit rock-bottom. She took shelter with the prestigious Northern Circle, intent on staying only long enough to get back on her feet. But the Circle is still reeling from a devastating supernatural attack and betrayal. And vengeful High Council of Witches investigator Gar Remillard is determined to make Em surrender the truth—and disband the Circle forever.

When Em’s psychic ability allows her to see Gar is haunted by a formidable ghost, her attempts to free him challenge Gar’s rugged French Canadian heart and rancorous loup-garou instincts. But even as their new alliance and past connection kindles into raging desire, a malevolent 
force rises up to destroy them—the Circle and even the High Council.

With all she’s grown to love on the line, Em must draw on her darkest nightmares and alliances with the dead to outwit and out magic a force who can imprison souls with a flick of the fingers and command legions of wraiths with one word. . . 


Things She's Seen is the second book in the Northern Circle Coven Series. I would highly recommend reading the first in the series, His Dark Magic, before jumping into this one. While I wasn't completely lost, I think it would have furthered my enjoyment of Things She's Seen to have known what happened before. Some books do a good enough job of rehashing everything that happened before but I just didn't get that as much here. Now, on to the book...

Emily Adams is a psychic who was exploited by family and those she trusted as a child. She's managed to get away from all that by joining up with the Northen Circle Coven, however temporarily. It's provided her a safe haven to get on her feet. When Gar, a loup garou, shows up to investigate what previously happened at the coven, Emily is torn between protecting the coven and helping Gar escape his own haunting past. 

Things She's Seen is more of a paranormal romance/mystery than anything. There's a good deal of piecing together everything that needs to happen. The characters are a lot of fun as is the world building. I enjoyed the magical aspects, including some less than latin spell names like pick-a-roo for lock picking. The will they/won't they relationship of Em and Gar was a bit predictable but aren't most in paranormal books? There's a lot going on in this book, and while I would have gotten a better grasp by reading book one, the pacing was good and I enjoyed the read!

If you are looking for a witchy good time and like a little bit of romance thrown in with your magic, Things She's Seen is worth your time. Just start with His Dark Magic so you don't have to find your bearings midstory!