12 February 2019

Morgwel Hall by Michael Hutchins

Morgwel Hall by Michael Hutchins cover

Scarred both physically and mentally from the horrors of WWI, specifically Passchendaele, the third battle of Ypres, Captain Williamson decides to make a new life for himself in Cornwall and 'escape the real world'. 

On his first viewing of Morgwel Hall manor house he sees a young girl dancing on the battlements of the adjacent ruined castle but she simply disappears. 

Is she real, a spirit, or a figment of his tormented mind? 

His quest to find her, and unravel the tragic story behind the wall, twists and turns before reaching a thought-provoking conclusion. 

Using the stunning Cornish coast and county, as a backdrop, Morgwel Hall will keep you guessing to the very end and stretch your imagination to the full. 

About the Author

Michael started work as a journalist in the 1970’s, but then at the age of 21 started his own clothing business.  Born in London, Michael now lives in the Hertfordshire countryside in a small village with his wife, two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, a pony and a horse. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Michael is a volunteer and founder member of a museum in the village of Nuthampstead dedicated to the USAF 398th bomb group who were stationed there in WWII. He also enjoys country Walks, is a Parish Councillor and the Treasurer of the village hall committee.