Glasgow Kiss Episode 1. (Publication Date: February 7th, 2019)  Genre:  Thriller/ Serial Killer How Far Would You Go To Catch A Serial ...

Glasgow Kiss by CS Duffy - Author Interview and Giveaway

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Glasgow Kiss Episode 1. (Publication Date: February 7th, 2019) Genre: Thriller/ Serial Killer

How Far Would You Go To Catch A Serial Killer?

Glasgow Kiss by CS Duffy cover
Haunted by the fact that he never got the chance to tell best friend Lorna that he loved her before she was murdered, Ruari sets out to track down the man he saw her with the night before she was murdered - the man police are certain was her killer.

Forensic psychologist Amy Kerr has been watching prominent Glasgow lawyer Alec McAvoy for months, certain that he is the so-called Dancing Girls Killer who evaded capture in London five years previously.

Now Ruari and Amy are closing in on the same man - but every step they take draws them deeper into the killer’s web.

“...completely addictive. Very fast paced with the short punchy time-stamped chapters adding to the sense of a fast-moving investigation.” - Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

“...full of the Glasgow banter and humour laced with a good old-fashioned murder mystery. Lots of twists and turns and little pools of red herrings kept me engrossed all the way through.” - Sharon Bairden, Chapterinmylife Blog

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Quick Q&A with CS Duffy

Why should we read this series?

Glasgow Kiss is a fun, fast moving thriller. It’s funny in places and a lot of 
readers so far have said they read it in one sitting!

Where did the story come from?

Years ago, I was working on an oil refinery in Ohio (long story!) when one of
my colleagues told me a story about her aunt going on a date in Seattle
in the seventies sometime. Apparently, the guy was an absolutely gorgeous
prince charming - she got terrible food poisoning on the way home and he
never called. For years she kicked herself thinking she had screwed it up
with Mr. Perfect by having a dodgy tummy. Several years later she spotted
him on the news: it was Ted Bundy.

The idea of having been so close to a monster and having a crush on him
fascinated me (I mean, I have pretty bad taste in men, but… !) and it rattled
around in my head for years before this story started to form.

How long did it take you to write this book?

It’s a bit of a tricky answer as the basic concept went through a few
different versions before it finally found its story. You’d never recognise it
now from those early versions, but they were all part of the process.
In terms of the story it is now, it went amazingly quickly in fact. I had a
random eureka moment when the whole story as it should be kind of
tumbled into place in my mind (I was walking down the stairs at Buchanan
St Subway station in Glasgow and nearly caused a pile up!). That was at
the beginning of May this year, and I spent the rest of spring and summer
in a mad, furious writing trance… and here we are!

What research did you to write this book?

I’m a weirdo who has always been a bit fascinated by serial killers, so I had
already read quite a bit before even starting. I met a detective in a bar one
Friday night who ended up helping me with some of the police procedure
which was very handy! The most fun research has just been wandering
around eavesdropping on Glasgow banter!

If you had to go for a drink with one character from the book, who
would you chose and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one, because I kind of love all of them! Lorna or Moira
would be great for a night out, though there’s a lot even I don’t know about
Amy yet, so I wouldn’t mind picking her brains over a bottle of red. And is it
weird if I have a bit of a crush on Ruari?!

Were there any real life inspirations for any of the characters?

Well it would be a spoiler to say which character, but I will say that Ted
Bundy inspired… somebody! Other than that, there are tiny elements of
people I know here and there, but none of the characters are directly
based on anybody.

What do you hope readers will remember about this book?

I did a poll in the private Facebook group for people who have read the
book in which I asked which of the characters readers would like to have a
drink with, and Lorna won by a country mile which made me really happy.
So often in crime thrillers the victim is kind of brushed over, defined mostly
by the fact they were murdered, and I really wanted the reader to feel as
though they knew her as a person.

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About the Author

CS Duffy

C.S. Duffy writes crime thrillers with a healthy dose of black humour. Her background is in film and TV. She has several projects in development in Sweden and the UK and her other writing has appeared in Elle Canada and The Guardian. She is the author of Life is Swede, a thriller that was originally written as a blog - leading several readers to contact Swedish news agencies asking them why they hadn’t reported the murder that features in the blog. She was selected as a Spotlight author at Bloody Scotland in 2018.
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The author is giving away the entire digital box set (Episode 1 to 5) to one lucky winner! Just click on the link below to enter!

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