Hell Bound is the first Novella in a post-apocalyptic series. How far would you go to save your family? Sam and ...

Review || A Vacation From Hell by Kathy Dinisi

Hell Bound is the first Novella in a post-apocalyptic series.

How far would you go to save your family?

Sam and Mathew finally get a chance to go on a train ride to the Grand Canyon-- alone. Leaving their two kids back in California, they are excited for a weekend of rest.

When a zombie Apocalypse breaks out, the couple must try to fight their way back to California to see if their kids are still alive. In this harrowing story of love and survival in a world that is crumbling by death and destruction, we follow Sam and Mathew through their struggle to reunite with their children.

Mathew and Sam fought their way back home to where their kids were supposed to be waiting. Instead, they find out they have already moved on with Sam’s parents to seek safety.

Now they are in a rush to be back with their kids, fighting hordes of flesh-eating zombies , gaining and losing friends along the way. In a world full of death and destruction where the dead come to life and the living are just as bad as the dead, will Mathew and Sam find their kids before its too late or die trying?

Sam and Mathew have come so far to receive the bad news that the safe haven is no longer safe. No one can tell them where their kids are.

Trained soldiers have retreated, and all are too scared to fight against the raging zombies. 

A stranded Soldier offers them his help to find their family but will it be enough to fight all the obstacles
in their way? Can Mathew and Sam survive their last journey?

Three years after the apocalypse Sam and her three kids continue their life in the safe haven. Well, as safe as they can be. The military is at a constant battle to keep the walls standing but the zombie herd just keeps growing stronger by each passing day and keeps finding their way into the compound that once protected everyone.
Supplies are running low, weapons are far and few. Now Sam must help a group of soldiers find weapons and food. Her journey continues with her fighting to save the only home she has left and the only family still living.
The End Is Near is the fourth book in the Hell Bound series but can be read as a standalone. 

To understand Sam's story you may want to read
the Hell Bound series from the beginning.

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My Thoughts

For this tour, I read Book One of the Hell Bound series, titled "A Vacation from Hell". Sam is a nurse working at the ED, when a patient brought in is exhibiting strange symptoms. However, she's getting ready to leave with her husband for vacation after work, so she shrugs it off and completes her shift but asks a colleague to update her on the patients' condition later. On the train to their destination, pandemonium breaks loose and they begin their fight to get back home to her parents and their children.

It's hard to do anything fresh in the zombie genre. While the author does bring a unique take to her zombie virus (no spoilers), the rest of the novella is typical zombie apocalypse fare. Sometimes sticking to the known is a good thing rather than going out on a limb with something new and possibly less believable. Yeah, I know - Zombie apocalypse and I'm worried about something not being believable, heh. The action is fairly consistent throughout making the novella fast paced. I didn't connect with the characters as much as I'd like but hopefully, in the following books, we get to know the characters a bit more. I was interested in the backstory of the radio guy and hope we hear more about him in future books. Of course, Vacation from Hell ends on a cliff hanger, but what fun would it be if everything is tied up neat in the first book?

I do have to mention that the novella is full of typos and grammatical issues. I only state this because I'm the type of person that loses a bit on the experience while I'm correcting the grammar and misspellings in my head. Hopefully, the author will take this criticism to heart and correct future editions as I do think the story is worth it. 

Kathy Dinisi is an award-winning author, Amazon bestseller, International and
best seller. She is born and raised in Southern California where she
currently resides with her husband and two kids. She usually spends
her time watching Horror movies and reading a good old horror Novel.
She enjoys crazy hikes to unknown places you usually can't find on a
map, where she gets her crazy ideas.

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