23 February 2019

Fiction Letters Giveaway!

Adulting is hard, ya'll.

Nothing fun is ever waiting for you in the mailbox. 
Occasionally, the mailman might bring something that you ordered, but for the most part? 

Junk, junk, and BILLS. Ugh.


What if you could get something more exciting in the mail?

That's where Fiction Letters comes in!

I just learned about Fiction Letters this week and I am so excited to be sharing it with you! 

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY at the bottom for your chance to win your own series of Fiction Letters!

What is
Fiction Letters?

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent to your mailbox as series of 8 personalized letters over 2 months (one letter per week). 

Each series is from an old "friend" that tell an amazing story.
As each of the 8 letters in the series arrive in your mailbox your friend brings you along on a real adventure.
There are currently 4 series options available: The Seeking Justice Series,  The Whistleblower Series, 
The Phantom Cruise Series, and the Scavenger Hunt Series.

The Seeking Justice Series Overview

  • 8 letters sent one per week over two months
  • Letters are from your old friend Jen
  • In Jen’s first letter, she tells you some shocking news - her neighbor was just found dead.  The police say that he killed himself, but Jen doesn’t buy it.  She thinks he was murdered.
  • Over the course of the 8 letters, Jen brings you along on her quest to bring her friend’s murderer to justice
  • Seeking Justice is filled with an amazing cast of characters with twists and turns, action and adventure 

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(Yes I know. I'm asking for your address! How else will they know where to send your letters? Don't worry. No info is kept and I won't be spamming ya with junk mail!)