Troubled psychic Fia leads a double life. As a ground pounder for Search And Rescue, she finds the lost and vulnerable...

Review || Soul Scent by Reyna Favis

blue gravestone with underwater feelTroubled psychic Fia leads a double life. As a ground pounder for Search And Rescue, she finds the lost and vulnerable living and brings them to safety. As a servant to an ancient and indifferent Psychopomp, her mission is no less crucial – to help the suffering dead cross over to the afterlife. Her worlds collide after a distraught woman with a gun disappears into the woods and the rescue becomes a body recovery. 

When a frantic hammering erupts from the empty SAR team trailer, Fia appeals for help to Cam, irascible Brit, mentor and Psychopomp aficionado. But nothing is what it seems and a straightforward case soon goes sideways. Will Fia and Cam be able to uncover the shocking truth behind the final act of a desperate woman and free her tortured earthbound spirit? 

The second novel of the ZACKIE STORIES.

The second book in the Zackie story series, Soul Scent, was a surprisingly gripping read. Reyna Favis doesn't waste any time in sucking you into the story. It begins in the woods, with a body. An unusual way to begin a book sure, but that's not the most unusual thing about this story. Fia is a psychic in training of sorts. Together, with Cam helping her with her new-found abilities, and Zackie, an immortal Plott hound psychopomp, they've formed a ghost busting trifecta. This time, they've stumbled upon two spirits that need their help. One in the form of a pregnant woman lost in the woods, and the other, a tribal man with whom they can't even communicate to discover what he needs. 

I think I probably finished this book in a day or two. The paranormal elements are captivating, the mystery intriguing, and the characters were highly relatable. While it doesn't have much in the way of humor or snappy dialogue, the conversation between all the characters flows in a manner that doesn't distract you from the storyline. There are small bits of a romantic relationship blooming but it's not at the detriment to the main plot. 

While it can be read as a stand-alone, I think reading in order would serve the reader better as there were a lot of unanswered questions for me. I wanted to know more about the history of some of the characters relationships. How exactly did Fia and Cameron come to know one another? Where did Zackie come from? And most importantly, I wanted to know more about Fia's blackened corpse hand that acts independently of her, as if it has a mind of its own. While it is explained how she ended up with it,  I think I really just wanted it to have more of a center stage than it did. That may be the urban fantasy junkie in me crying out for it though!

If you like paranormal fiction that actually focuses on the paranormal, isn't horror, and doesn't divert with a long romantic subplot, the Zackie series is one to check out! And there's a dog. :)

REYNA FAVIS gleefully writes tales of supernatural suspense while dust gathers on the vacuum cleaner. Her novels have been praised by readers for the very human stories behind the hauntings that create unexpected plot twists, drama, and even moments of humor. Reyna is a K9 handler for search and rescue and can frequently be found on her belly as she is dragged through the woods by a search dog. If you do not enjoy walks in the woods, she invites you to connect with her on Facebook. Reyna has a PhD in biology and lives as an unapologetic introvert with her husband, dogs, and cats in New Jersey.