The day she killed her boss...  Everything changed.  She never laid a hand on him to take hi...

Review || Cursing by Lynne Murray

The day she killed her boss... 

Everything changed. 

She never laid a hand on him to take his life. She didn’t have to. 

As her boss lies on the floor with a dozen witnesses staring and paramedics working in a futile effort to save him, a mysterious stranger approaches Angie with a bizarre offer. 

It’s a job with the ExtraTerrestrial Protection Agency, a secret organization. Can Angie trust a group whose very existence is ultra classified? 

She has to decide in a hurry because her newly released power starts drawing attention from life-draining, telepathic, Mindworms and alien scientists obsessed with abducting humans. Most terrifying of all, she’s stalked by one of the most fearsome predators in the galaxy. 

If you loved Men in Black or Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles series, buckle up for a wild ride with Angie Faust in Cursing. Get it now!


I wasn't sure that I would enjoy Cursing. Let's be honest — that blurb is all over the place. Killing her boss? Telepathic powers? Aliens!!? Sounds like the weirdest mash-up of urban fantasy and sci-fi, but hey, Men in Black was pretty entertaining and I love Ilona Andrew's Innkeeper series so why not? 

Cursing didn't disappoint! What starts out as a typical UF fare quickly morphed into something that Agent J would find completely normal. 

Angie Faust has been trying to keep her anger under control since an early age. She doesn't remember anything before her parents died in an automobile accident.  All she knows is that her aunt always made it very clear that she needed to control her anger and that they keep her strength hidden to protect themselves.

"I sensed the familiar but unknown force piercing him like a tool. It reached for his heart and grabbed it. And squeezed."
After accidentally killing her boss, she finds herself on the radar of some very dangerous groups and considering an offer to join the ETPA — Extraterrestrial Protective Agency. Meeting the ETPA opens Angie's eyes to a world she had no idea existed. From her own abilities to new otherworldly technology, to the different alien species making themselves at home on Earth thanks to varies treaties. 

Lynne Murray not only creates a strange and wonderful world enveloping our own, she does it with flair. The various alien species presented were one of my favorite things about this novel. The Spider-Woman from the Arachnid plant innocuously called "Grandmother" was inventive and  I loved the tie in to our own various cultural mythologies, giving a history to alien sightings. 

There was so much going on in Cursing, but it never felt contradictory. The characters were all a joy to read and there was no shortage of action to further the plot. I had never read anything from Lynne Murray before but she will definitely be on my TBR in the future. I can't wait for the next book in the Angie Faust series. 

Lynne Murray was born in Illinois, but she grew up in transit due to her father's work with the military. She's lived in Texas, Alaska, Florida, Washington state, and Southern California, before landing and staying in San Francisco.

Lynne writes the kind of books she loves to read. Those usually feature a lot of action, quirky characters and supernatural attitude. She just might read anything that isn't tied down, but some of the books that have to be restrained also make it onto her list. Her favorite authors include Illona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs, Kim Hamilton, Terry Pratchett and T.H. White.

She now lives and writes and stares out the window at the ocean with a group of rescue cats, who rescue her right back with heroic feats of purring.

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