THEY’RE BIGGER Deep in the sewers of New York City, the rat population is growing. Dr. Randolph Finch is determined to brea...

Review of Rattus New Yorkus


Deep in the sewers of New York City, the rat population is growing. Dr. Randolph Finch is determined to break the cycle. His new rodenticide, Degenesis, doesn’t kill rats. It sterilizes them from reproducing. But nothing adapts faster than a New York rat . . .


City exterminators and soon-to-be divorced Chris and Benita Jackson think they know how these rats think. They know how rats breed. And they fear that Degenesis has only made these rats stronger. More aggressive. More intelligent. And more ravenous than ever . . .


After a noticeable surge in rat den activity, the Jacksons witness something strange. Without warning, the rats disappear—only to reassemble in a massive lair beneath Grand Central Station. Millions upon millions of them. Working together. Operating as a hive mind. Feasting on the flesh of the homeless below—and planning their all-out attack on the unsuspecting humans above . . .

"I'd seen a lot of crazy shit in my day, but this one took the cake, the plate, and the fork right out from under me."
Exterminators Chris and soon-to be ex-wife, Benny (short for Benita), handle pest management, saving New York one rodent at a time. Even though they are mid-divorce, they are still in the business together. When a new rodenticide is developed to sterilize the urban ratties, the lucky pair start doling it out to the not-so-lucky city rats. Except as they quickly discover, it's not doing what it's marketed to do. The rats are becoming something else. Something smarter. Aggressive. Something MORE. Suddenly, they start acting as one, planning, and actively attacking humans.
"The rats...kicked into high gear, squealing out a spine-chilling war cry. Yes, a war cry."
Rattus New Yorkus is a riot! I gleefully demolished this in an hour or so. It's a fleeting read, throttling at a breakneck pace towards misadventure and mayhem. As any good horror should be, it's filled with likable main characters, imbued with exactly the right amount of dark humor, and speckled with a copious amount of gory, cringable descriptions. 
"The muffled sound of a rat panicking within a human body is one I nor anyone who has ever lived thought they would hear."
 I can't wait to read the other two in the One Size Eats All series. 

There's one thing for sure -- No one does creature features like Hunter Shea!

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Hunter Shea is the product of a misspent childhood watching scary movies, reading forbidden books and wishing Bigfoot would walk past his house. He doesn’t just write about the paranormal – he actively seeks out the things that scare the hell out of people and experiences them for himself. Hunter’s novels can even be found on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum. His video podcast, Monster Men, is one of the most watched horror podcasts in the world. He’s a bestselling author of over 13 (lucky number!) books, all of them written with the express desire to quicken heartbeats and make spines tingle. Living with his wonderful family and two cats, he’s happy to be close enough to New York City to gobble down Gray’s Papaya hotdogs when the craving hits.