HER BLOOD. HER LOVE. HER FREEDOM.  “How many of my sins will have to be paid for in blood?” Sixteen-year-old Bethany Keatley finall...

Review of Butterfly Blood


“How many of my sins will have to be paid for in blood?”

Sixteen-year-old Bethany Keatley finally has the healthy body and looks she’s always desired. But the price she’s had to pay has left her traumatized. 
The only thing making her battle on is the memory of that kiss with Jeremiah.
Now miles from him and living in Florida with an aunt she's never met, shocking revelations about her parents are too much to bear. After collapsing from exhaustion and shock, Bethany wakes in a hospital bed awaiting test results—results that might lead to the discovery of her unusual butterfly blood. 

But that’s the least of Bethany’s concerns when the doctor informs her she’s infected with a parasite and without immediate treatment, she’ll die.
Too young to refuse and too weak to fight back, Bethany’s life once again hangs in the balance. Yet her scientific knowledge and suspicious nature lead her to unravel a horrifying web of lies. 

Will nature intervene again, demanding another payment? 

is is the second book in the Metamorphosis series. I would highly recommend reading the first, Butterfly Bones, before reading Butterfly Blood. You get the gist of what occurred in the first book, but I think it's really necessary to read it in order to fully comprehend the timeline of the Butterfly Bones.

Our MC, Bethany was born with osteogenesis imperfecta. In layman terms, she was born with a genetic condition that causes bones to be very brittle and break easily. Her scientist father apparently experimented on her. In doing so, he imbued her with butterfly DNA. Completely cured of her disease, she is now on her way to Florida to stay with an aunt that she has never met. Why? Because her father died in a house fire. One that she started. 

She must keep the secret of her blood away from those who would exploit it. When she suddenly gets ill and is diagnosed with a parasite, that may not be as easy as expected. 
Those around her may not be trustworthy. Who can she trust and has her entire life been a lie?

This is most definitely a young adult novel. Bethany is sixteen and morose because she didn't tell her first kiss that she loved him. He's the "love of her life" and she'll do anything to get back to him. Ah, young love. I'm way too cynical for that type of romance, but I can see how teens would love this book. That and her cuss word is "Shizz". "Holy shizzamoly". "Holy shizzlesticks". "Shizz almighty." "Oh Shizz". Thirty-eight versions of this...I shizz you not. 

The monsters and demons mentioned are metaphorical. I've been reading way too much horror apparently because I was disappointed that we weren't talking about real monsters and demons. Instead, they are of the human and mental variety. Still very real and imposing. 

I did enjoy the storyline and especially the interaction between Bethany and her aunt. Bethany is snarky, my favorite kind of MC. Butterfly Blood is done in a very easy to read manner. I finished it in just a couple of hours. While I wasn't on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next, it was adventurous enough to keep my interest. It obviously contains very little actual cursing, the romance is very sweet, and it's got enough paranormal in it to make it unique. I think it'd be a fun read to recommend to your teens.

Unless you are too chicken shizz. 

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3.5 Paws Up!

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