This year I'm going to try to focus more on tracking my reads for the  Scaredy Cat Bingo Challenge , which consists of 25 reading prompt...

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

Silla and Nori are sisters running away from an abusive home in London and into the countryside to leave with their aunt but the woods are creeping closer each day. 

The Black by Paul Elard Cooley

This time we take to the sea and an oil drilling platform but something lives beneath and it's pissed.

Two dozen weird and wild stories about fungi going from bizarrely whimsical to horrific. 

This dystopian novel has evolution moving backward. The government is capturing pregnant women and holding them through their delivery but why? 


A young mother is dying in hospital with a young boy at her side but he's not her son. She can't see or move and David tells her it's because of the worms. 
Of course it is.  


A pregnant woman escapes to the mountain to escape a skin-sealing epidemic but the mountains aren't the safe place she expected.
The Nest by Gregory A. Douglas

Huge mutant cockroaches make up the bulk of this 80's novel. 
That's it. That's all you need.

The Swarm by Frank Sch├Ątzing

The ocean and its occupants take revenge on humans. 

Mists and Megaliths by Catherine McCarthy

Ten supernatural stories span themes from gothic to cosmic, folklore, and myths. 

Cold Storage by