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Guest Post || Thorston Nesch, author of Grolar

Publication date: April 7th, 2018

half grizzly bear, half polar bear

Jon lost his job in Vancouver and finds work at a small gold mining camp. His wife and his young son join him. When the toddler shows them what he had found near the tree line, they know, there is something dark waiting for them.

The author Thorsten Nesch lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He is an award-winning and traditionally published author. His novels are read in schools in Europe.

Environment is the new horror

By Thorston Nesch

Going back and drawing from the past when writing genre fiction comes with a secure background on the topic—if it is a vampire, a zombie or anything in between. If I ever wanted to play it safe, I'd have stayed in my comfy office job for the public health insurance.

The uncharted challenges of the future interest me, mostly surrounded by more or less vague theories and wild speculations. This is the place for the jester.

The modern artist has to assume the role of the jester in front of the king: holding up a distorted mirror to the society of today in order to provoke a reaction, ideally with the result people questioning themselves and their doings.

Recently the environment assumed a center role in contemporary horror scenarios (versus the threat of the nuclear apocalypse of the the cold war). So far it is the weather: storms, rain, droughts and rising sea levels.

But what if the weather brings together what should never have met in the first place? Bacteria, viruses, insects or … bears?

Because of the rising temperatures, grizzly bears migrate further north, into old polar bear territory, and they mate … oh, you think, that is just the fantasy of a jester?

Think again.

When I heard about that problem I remembered an article about Ligers—half lions, half tigers, man made, out of a sick egocentric notion, but nevertheless two species foreign to each other. And they grow way bigger than a tiger or a lion alone. Fact.

What if that could be true for Grolars?

The amount of food the animal would need … and imagine a gold digger camp would be in its hunting grounds … 

Since 2014 I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

My stories received literary grants and awards nationally and internationally. In the last years I did more than 1500 readings in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and on two cruises.

My first novel was nominated Best German YA Debut and I won the Hans-im-Gluck-Award 2012

Jury: „His style is a stroke of luck for literature“