Publication date: June 3rd 2021 Links:  Amazon  |  Goodreads The first letter seemed harmless enough. Possibly even just the result of a mis...

Feature Fiction || Of a Mad Brain by Scott Donnelly

Publication date: June 3rd 2021

The first letter seemed harmless enough. Possibly even just the result of a mistaken delivery. The second one drew concern, and paired with the unexplained visions of something darkly unsettling, Sam Morris finally caves. The 'everyman', safe world he lives in is about to take a drastic and dark turn. He quickly falls into a world of insanity, the morbid and the macabre. He's drawn into a darkness that is just as deadly as it is mysterious. A darkness that dwells in a house that could ony be conjured up by a mad brain.

It is a house that calls you. A house that haunts you with its ghosts. They'll scratch and claw through your fragile hide, bringing madness bubbling to the surface.

Come see the ghosts for yourself...if you dare.

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Scott Donnelly is an indie author based in Grove City, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, three children, and labradoodle, Maxwell. Scott writes in a variety of genres to keep his ideas fresh and different; they range from horror, to science fiction/adventures, and action thrillers. Scott is known for KILLER SCARECROW, THE WHOOL, THE MILK BOY & THESCOUT BROOKS SAGA.

Scott has also contributed a short story to "The Elements of Horror" series from Red Cape Publishing; his story "Scorched" is featured in "Book Three: Fire". He also has a horror story called "The Devil Stirred" in the anthology, "Tales of the Weird and Strange" (2020), and has debuted a science fiction-serial series in "Pulp Reality #2” entitled “Kings of the Crustaceous Period: Part 1: The Clamoring of the Crabs”.

Sequels to THE WHOOL & KILLER SCARECROW are in the works. As is the final entry of THE SCOUT BROOKS SAGA, and a new gothic/horror novella entitled OF A MAD BRAIN.