Publication date: July 20th 2021 Links:  Amazon  |  Goodreads Claire, gifted with the ability to see through time, predicts a horrific disas...

Feature Fiction || Fate Or Fiction by F.M. Mayhem

Publication date: July 20th 2021

Claire, gifted with the ability to see through time, predicts a horrific disaster to drastically change the world five years from now. "Dark times" isn't enough to describe what will happen, but it accurately describes the present for the specialist investigators Maria, Nikki and the twins known as Alex.

A serial killer wielding magic appears to return from the grave. A man-made monster runs rampant through the streets. People across the country fall into comas. An influx of drugs threatens to shift the power of the city's underbelly. Maria and her group find themselves somehow involved with the threats to the city's fragile peace, where beliefs will be tested, friendships lost - and that's only if they're lucky enough.

When all is said and done, the survivors will know the answer to an age-old question: does the end justify the means?.

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Hey! I’m F.M. Mayhem!
I come from Australia, love metal music, my favourite author is Charlotte Brontë, I like to sleep a lot.
And now for the stuff you might actually be interested in! I love writing, specifically stories that I’d want to personally read.

My favourite genre to write is Fantasy, mostly because you get to create the world and laws from scratch.

Even within the fantasy genre, I tend to focus my work towards Dark Fantasy, bringing the evil and twisted to the front for all kinds of fun!

You’ll probably begin to see pretty quickly how my stories are more character driven than not, which probably speaks to my influences more than anything. Maybe I’ll disclose those influences one day.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find my works in paperback, but you should be able to find them at your favourite ebook stores.