Bring on the cakes, balloons, cakes, gifts, cakes, and…well…cakes. It’s time for Grier’s baby shower! Grier is ready to smile for the camer...

Review || How to Rattle an Undead Couple by Hailey Edwards

Bring on the cakes, balloons, cakes, gifts, cakes, and…well…cakes. It’s time for Grier’s baby shower!

Grier is ready to smile for the cameras, rip open the presents, and finally taste that lemon chiffon cake, but it’s just not meant to be. The Grande Dame is MIA, which turns the big event into an even bigger search party. And that delicious cake? It’s going right back in the fridge.

While Grier doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother-in-law, she’s determined her child will grow up with one living grandparent or else. Even if it means wiggling into maternity jeans, putting on actual shoes, and waddling over to Lawson Manor to investigate the potential kidnapping.

Just as the investigation turns a corner, Grier pays the price for her stress. The baby wants out ahead of schedule, and it has a unique way of making its desires known. Unique and terrifying. Now the race is on to find the Grande Dame before the baby makes his or her first appearance.

What do you get when you cross a goddess-touched necromancer with an Eidolon?

Linus and Grier are about to find out firsthand. Now they just have to survive parenthood.

I'm not exactly sure what's happened to The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy. I adored the series in its original form. How to Rattle an Undead Couple is book 3 in what's considered the "Epilogues".  Not a fan. I had high hopes for How to Kiss an Undead Bride, the first in the Epilogues but didn't like it. How to Survive an Undead Honeymoon (review here) got back on track with the action that I love from UF. 
To give you an indication, I think I binged the first six books within two weeks. This one has been sitting on my Kindle probably since its August release date. 

Grier, our protagonist, is 8+ months pregnant. Combined with her magic and that of baby daddy Linus, the baby is complicated, to say the least. However, in this book all Grier seems to manage to do is cry and stuff her face. If that sounds like normal pregnancy to you, well...we are talking smashing whole cupcakes in her mouth, two dozen doughnuts at a go, and somehow still manages to only dreamingly drool about food every other waking minute. She doesn't manage to do any of her potentate duties, yet still wonders if she should just go ahead and let Linus take over before the agreed-upon maternity leave. While her friendship with Lethe has always managed to be odd, Lethe is neglecting her own duties and her daughter to spend every waking minute with Grier, including sleeping in her bed every night with pixie sticks and other half consumed candies being dribbled out on the pillows. And her doting husband thinks it's "cute". 

Speaking of Linus, this book is all about him. As it's his mother that disappeared on the day of Grier's baby shower, and Grier is too pregnant to walk up stairs (yes, really), it's up to him to figure out what's happened and where she is. There's a lot of telling and not much showing. What do I know though? At the time of this review, How to Rattle an Undead Couple had 1270 ratings and is sitting at a 4.33-star rating. Obviously, people love this series, those people are, sadly, not me, not anymore.  

*Side note: This book, like all the others, is most definitely NOT a stand-alone. If you are going to read the series, you want to start with book 1: How to Save an Undead Life. They are all available on Kindle Unlimited so binge away!