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 Through the Mole Hole takes you on a journey through 28 terrifying, twisted, and thought-provoking tales. Along the way, you will...

Review || Through the Mole Hole: Strange Stories for Peculiar People by K.G. Lewis

 Through the Mole Hole takes you on a journey through 28 terrifying, twisted, and thought-provoking tales.

Along the way, you will meet a young man who awoke to find a hole to another dimension in his arm, a couple whose painting is more than the simple portrait it appears to be, and a woman whose cat ate something it shouldn’t have. These are just a few of the unfortunate souls whose stories await you.

Do you dare take a peek at the worlds that lie on the other side of the mole hole?


Through the Mole Hole is a delightful collection of 28 short stories. Each of the 28 stories is distinctive and unusual from the titular cosmic Through the Mole Hole to the urban legend trope of Knock Knock. Whether monthly monsters, not-so-friendly clowns, or technology gone awry, there's something here for every fan of the dreadful to delight in.

There's a childlike nightmarish quality to a lot of the scares which makes them that much more potent. Lost and Found in which two kids exploring an abandoned mall find a secret arcade complete with animatronics à la Chucky Cheese definitely channels the lost nostalgia of being an 80s child. In the Chair, parental punishment takes on a fresh fright. Boastful teen hijinks turns into terror as a school mascot roams the halls. Some almost have a light-hearted quality—if horror can be described as such.  Here Comes Santa Claus and Beware of Clown are both examples of inventive horror that doesn't take itself quite so seriously.

A lot of the stories choose their scares without blood and gore—oh but the ones that do! Pissing Well is one of such stories with its squelching and popping as is The Stick and its cringeworthy-ness. Through the Mole Hole had such imagery that apparently I was making a face while reading, one of the highest unconscious compliments I can give. While the gore is actually on the lighter side comparatively speaking, it's the author's ability to choose unsettling adjectives that insinuate themselves in your brain that brings the true fun to these stories. 

Tripophobics beware: Through the Mole Hole will get under your skin!