A redhead with a drawl, a lawyer with pink hair, and a homeless seventeen-year-old have no business forming a pack.   In a world where magi...

Series Review || The Misfit Series by Stephanie Foxe

A redhead with a drawl, a lawyer with pink hair, and a homeless seventeen-year-old have no business forming a pack. 
In a world where magic is commonplace, and your neighbor is just as likely to be an elf as a troll, three humans are unwillingly changed into werewolves. 

Unprepared and unwanted. 

The pack may have chosen Amber as their Alpha, but that’s not a title she is supposed to have. In order to be legally recognized as an Alpha she must pass the Trials, and it won’t be easy. If she fails, her pack will be disbanded and forced into a halfway house for bitten werewolves, aka The System. 

But the pack needs a sponsor in order to even enter the Trials. 

With everything to lose, the brand new pack must learn to work together before it’s too late.


Why Did I Pick It? 
I'm very much a mood reader and I was in the mood for a "fluffy" UF. By that, I mean, a fast read UF that didn't make me think too much. I'll also admit that I'm very much a cover judger and that cover is beautiful! Besides...werewolves! 

What About the Characters?
I loved the characters. A nurse, a lawyer, a teen with nowhere to go, a white witch going against her family, and a wingless pixie. They are all misfits that aren't fitting in and they all find themselves and family in this new Pack.

Why Should You Read it?
Werewolves aren't anything new in UF but I loved that these three characters are complete strangers that come together and build this new family as Pack. They are the misfits as bitten wolves shouldn't be Alphas but through plenty of trials (physical and otherwise), they prove themselves. There's plenty of action, yet the characters are what make it. It's a great underdog story.

Demons are tricksters. Never forget that.

Amber made it through the Trials and is trying to rebuild her life alongside her new pack. She just wants peace.

But once you make a deal with a demon, peace is no longer an option.

As the lines between good and evil become blurred, Amber will find herself facing an impossible choice and a terrible battle. With the werewolf council breathing down her neck and a sorcerer threatening everyone she loves, she will have to depend on her pack more than ever.

And find the strength to fight back.


Well, How Was it?
While Misfit Pack didn't really end on a cliffhanger, it did leave the door open. The second book in the series was every bit as fabulous as the first, maybe even more so.  Amber has fulfilled the Trials and proven that she is pack alpha. That crisis is over! However, Misfit Angel is filled with plenty of twists and turns and the Pack still has a lot on their plate. 

And the Characters?
The characters are continuing to find their way. I love how each relationship has to grow and change. And like a breath of fresh air, not every relationship has to rotate around romantic tension! There are plenty of secondary characters that come into play that keep things new.

It’s the brightest light that casts the deepest shadows… 

Magic, blood, and politics hide an enemy the pack never saw coming. One with more power than anyone understands. 

Enemies are closing in on all sides, but they’re nothing more than a distraction to hide the real threat. It isn’t just the pack at risk –– not anymore. 

Magic itself is being threatened. 

Amber and her pack are trapped in the middle of a centuries long war, and the time has come to pick a side. 

But it’s a choice she won’t be able to take back. 

Nothing is as it seems. Trust is a valuable commodity that is sorely lacking in an increasingly dangerous world. 

Amber must step up and take her place in the game, shattering illusions and pulling the truth from the shadows.


So Book Three: Was it Worth it?
YES! If anything, these get better with each book. I love the new characters and the growth of the characters we know and love. 

Who Would You Suggest This Series For?
Fans of Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, and Rachel Vincent! Anyone who loves UF with shifters and the best part, they are all on Kindle Unlimited so you can binge in a weekend like I did!!

Stephanie Foxe was born and raised near Houston, TX. She grew up playing in the pond and woods in her backyard, and devouring every book she could get her hands on.
Her teen years were spent transitioning slowly from reader, to writer. She spent most evenings on the phone with her cousin writing the first few pages to many books that would never be finished.

Her adult years were spent toiling away at a corporate job until one fateful day when she heard about a little writing project called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). From there, the idea of writing a book went from a fanciful dream to a finished manuscript. The first book in the Witch’s Bite series was written, and Stephanie was addicted.

Now, she has plans to publish everything from paranormal fantasy to science fiction.
One book at a time.