06 January 2019

The Cats of Cthulhu by Chris W. Sears

The Cats of Cthulhu by Chris W. Sears cover

When The Foodgiver goes missing, two cats go on a journey for breakfast that takes them to the city that sleeps beneath the sea.

Welcome to the Meow-thos.

Look at the cover of this book. Look at it!!

How in the world could I ever say no to this book? (Hint: I couldn't.) 

Written from the point of view of Koko the cat, the Foodgiver disappears and a mysterious contraption sends Koko and her sibling annoyance, the stupid and smelly Journey to a Lovecraftian realm in search of him — and of breakfast. I can't imagine that writing from the point of view of a cat would be easy, but Chris W. Sears makes it seem effortless. From the determined, fearless Koko to the unsure, fearful Journey, he easily establishes personalities and dispositions of the two cats. 

This book made me smile and made me a little sad at times too. Koko deciding that the smell isn't the Foodgiver because "it doesn't smell stupid enough." Koko taking on the tentacle monster. "So there." Koko remembering her time after being left at the shelter by her previous owner for being "disagreeable". Journey and his love for breakfast and his Wubba. So many feels!

And what good book doesn't involve action, adventure, and character development? There's plenty to be had in The Cats of Cthulu as they explore this new realm in search of the Foodgiver! The relationship between Koko and Journey graduates from tolerating to maybe, just maybe, sibling adoration, although Koko would never admit to this. 

*Sigh* While I will admit to being a cat lady, I didn't expect this story to be so freaking lovely and fun. I, however, am not surprised that two kitty cats saved the day  and the Foodgiver — from Lord Cthulu and his merry band of devotees. Cats of Cthulu is a must for any fan of cats and Lovecraftian horror. 

Who knew that the two would make a really good story?

Happy Reading!

5 Paws Up!


About the Author

Chris W. Sears author

Chris W. Sears is a child of the eighties. He likes Saturday morning cartoons, the Cthulhu Mythos, and Batman. He hopes his stories will make you smile.