As a child, rare and unusual animals, especially cryptid creatures, always fascinated Carter Wilde.  Now that he’...

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As a child, rare and unusual animals, especially cryptid creatures, always fascinated Carter Wilde. 

Now that he’s an eccentric billionaire and runs the largest conglomerate of high-tech companies all over the world, he can finally achieve his wildest dream of building the most incredible theme park ever conceived on the planet…CRYPTID ZOO. 

Even though there have been apparent problems with the project, Wilde still decides to send some of his marketing employees and their families on a forced vacation to assess the theme park in preparation for Opening Day

Nick Wells and his family are some of those chosen and are about to embark on what will become the most terror-filled weekend of their lives—praying they survive. 


Who hasn't watched (or read, for my bibliophiles) Jurassic Park? 
One of my favorite quotes from the movie is by Dr. Malcolm, a mathematician whose region of study is the Chaos Theory. 

It held true for Jurassic Park and it holds true for Cryptid Zoo. Some things should be left well enough alone. That's the situation created by Carter Wilde, a man who has more money than sense as we say here in the South. When employee Nick Wells and his family, along with many other employees, are flown out on a furtive flight to an undisclosed location, it turns out the fun is just getting started. What is promoted as a family friendly resort quickly turns into killer chaos. 

There are just some books that you know no matter what happens, there isn't going to be a happy ending. You know that it's going to be pages and pages of suck. Cryptid Zoo is one of those books. No one thinks that a zoo full of the biggest and baddest cryptids from every continent is a smart idea. Well, except for that one guy, you know, the more money than sense guy. He thinks it's a fantastic idea. 

When you have a great creature feature, you know people are going to get chomped. There are the people you hope get eaten...and the people you hope don't get eaten. In this case, almost everyone gets eaten! (Ate? What's the right verb tense here?) It's like horror Oprah: "You get eaten! You get eaten! Everyone gets eaten!" 

Cryptid Zoo is an entertaining romp down the "You really shouldn't do that" path. There's a lesson to be learned here but really, when you are having this much fun, it doesn't even feel like learning. 

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Gerry enjoys writing horror and thriller short stories.

He has earned honorable mentions from Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Writer's Digest. Five of the short stories in his first published book, Creatures, were recognized in the 77th and 78th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competitions.

More of his stories can be found in Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror, Dark Moon Digest and the e-magazine, Dark Eclipse.

Gerry was born in Paget, Bermuda and voyaged across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary with his English parents to America. He received his first nosebleed on the observation deck of the Empire State Building at the tender age of one.

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