31 July 2018

Review of Song of the Damned

A macabre liturgy. A mysterious carving. An intriguing 200-year-old mystery for music researcher Phineas Fox to solve. 

The headmistress of Cresacre Abbey School has asked Phineas Fox to establish whether an opera, to be performed as part of the school's bicentenary celebrations, plagiarises an earlier work. During the course of his investigations, Phin discovers that curious legends about the school's past still linger, including the fate of a group of nuns who disappeared without trace more than 200 years before. What exactly happened to them? And who is the mysterious Ginevra, the shadowy figure whose true identity has never been known ...?

As he delves further, Phin begins to unravel a series of interlocking secrets, each one more puzzling - and sinister - than the last.

Top Ten Tuesday || Popular Books, Worth it or Not?

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week's TTT is popular books that lived up to the hype. I decided to go with 5 that did...and 5 that did NOT. 

To put a different spin on it, I chose those that had movie adaptations. I wonder if that makes me somewhat biased, or if the movie just fed into the hype surrounding it. I tend to want to read the book BEFORE I see the movie. I think the book is almost always better than the movie. I don't want to ruin my perception of the story if I see the movie first. I like to be able to picture the characters in my own mind first. It doesn't always happen that way though as you'll soon see. 

Here we go! :)

30 July 2018

It's Monday. What Are You Reading? #3

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a meme hosted by The Book Date. This meme lets you show fellow readers what you have read, what you are reading, and what you will be reading.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!

 It was a beautiful weekend here. Slightly overcast and humid, but at least it didn't get in the 90's. 

That was a very very good thing for me, because our A/C hasn't been working well. Our house was built in 2002 and still had the original A/C. Luckily, we haven't had too many issues with it...until this year. It just couldn't keep up and we were told it had a leak. We patched it up and tried to limp through the rest of the summer. (We're already having to have our driveway redone -the joys of home ownership!) Our house would be 78-82 degrees by the end of the afternoon. It was horrible. So we decided to suck it up and purchased a brand new unit. It was installed on Saturday so we were without A/C most of the day.

27 July 2018

Review of Fingerprints and Phantoms

In a profession dominated by logic, law, evidence, and science, are there some things you can't explain? Join a veteran crime scene investigator exploring 26 chilling experiences spanning two decades. His true stories will leave you wondering if it is a criminal, or something else, going bump in the night. Meet a young girl who receives a visit from her mother...the day after her mother is murdered. Find out whether spirits follow those investigating their deaths home . . . and then stay. Discover whether it is possible for someone who is not dead to be haunting his own office, and investigate a child's toy telephone acting as a link to the other side. Can you believe in something incredible? This collection of strange and frightening tales is perfect for any campfire experience!

25 July 2018

Review of Miss Abigail's Room

As the lowest ranking parlor maid at Stonefleet Hall, Becky gets all the dirtiest jobs. But the one she hates the most is cleaning Miss Abigail’s room. There’s a strange, empty smell to the place, and a feeling that nothing right or Christian resides there in the mistress’s absence. And then there’s the blood, the spot that comes back no matter often Becky scrubs it clean. Becky wishes she had somewhere else to go, but without means or a good recommendation from her household, there is nothing for her outside the only home she’s known for eighteen years. So when a sickening doll made of wax and feathers turns up, Becky’s dreams of freedom and green grass become even more distant. Until the staff members start to die.

A darning needle through the heart of the gruesome doll puts everyone at Stonefleet Hall at odds. The head parlor maid seems like someone else, the butler pretends nothing’s amiss, and everyone thinks Becky’s losing her mind. But when the shambling old lord of the manor looks at her, why does he scream as though he’s seen the hounds of hell?