I've set my Goodreads Challenge at 135 this year.

2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Valerie - Cats Luv Coffee has read 67 books toward her goal of 135 books.

I'll be joining Ginger Mom and Company for a new challenge this year: The A to Z Challenge!

Rules: Freebie letter for those tough letters. An, A and The do not count!

J S Sucks to be Me by Kristen Painter
Betty Bites Back: Stories to Scare the Patriarchy by Mindy McGinnis K The Kelping by Jan Stinchcomb Tales from the Fringes of Fear
Jeff Szpirglas
Creatures in Canada: A Darkling Around the World Anthology U
D Dead Ringer
(Gaslamp Gothic #5)
by Kat Ross
M Midnight in the Graveyard V
N Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell
W Widows Walk by WendyWebb
F Food Fright by Nico Bell O Opium and Absinthe by Lydia Kang X
G The Garden of Bewitchment
by Catherine Cavendish
P Poison and Honey by Kristen Brand Y
H Hell or High Water by Hailey Edwards Q Z
I Infested by Carol Gore R Reaper's Blood
(The Grimm Brotherhood #1)
by Kel Carpenter and Meg Anne

Check back September 1st for Scaredy Cat Bingo!

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