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Urban fantasy and paranormal romance often overlap. You'll find both on this list as well as a few fairy tale retellings. You will not find any reverse harem or books that skew primarily towards PNR. That being said, I do not plan on reading all these myself so YMMV! Happy Reading!


12 - elemental outcast (paranormal outcasts book 1) by Sean fletcher
25 - Hunter's Moon (wild hunt book 15) by Yasmine Galenorn
26 - savage (nate temple book 15) by shayne silvers

4 - The Noose Of A New Moon (Wolfbrand, book 1) by Helen Harper
Playing fae games (magical artifacts institute) by isa medina
7 - Daggers and Demons (Better Demons) by Matthew Herrmann 
9 - Rafael by laurell k. hamilton
12 - Secrets of the Sword 3 (Death Before Dragons, book 9) by Lindsay Buroker
14 - Spell Hunter (Midlife Spell Hunter, book 1) by Amy Boyles
18 - Witch Undecided (the Thirteenth Sign, book 2) by Debbie Cassidy
23- Calculated Risks (InCryptid Book 10) by seanan McGuire

1 - The Best Thing You Can Steal (Gideon Sable, book 1) by Simon R Green
2 - Finding the Rogue (Sky Pirate Trilogy, book 1) by Anna Applegate 
9 - Sinners and Saints (Blood and Bone, book 2) by Jennifer Roberson
12 - repairer of the breach (stone of Fire) by Sarah Ashwood
16 - Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega Book 6) by patricia briggs
17 - Smoke Bitten (A Mercy Thompson Novel Book 12) by patricia briggs
18- coven bound (Lost Souls 3) by Bree Moore
26 - curse (Moonshadow academy year 2) by Finley knight

1 - Breath of Frost (Dark and Wicked Fae Book 2) by Cate Corvin 
9 - Magical Twist (Midlife Witchery Book 3) by Brenda Trim 
12 - Rise of a Banshee (The Banshee and the Darkness Book 3) by Lexi Swann 
13 - the Dead Don’t Drink at Lafitte’s (Sam Quinn Book 2) by Seana Kelly 
15 - Witch Untold (The Thirteenth Sign Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy 
17 - Dragon Fae Rising (The Elustria Chronicles: Dragon Fae Book 4) by Caethes Faron 
27 - Bottle Demon (Eric Carter Book 6) by Stephen Blackmoore 
29 - 2 Minutes to Midnight (midnight trilogy 2) by L.M. Hatchell
  • Shifted Scars (The Wolves of Forest Grove Book 4) by Elena Lawson 
  • Day of the Demon (Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom 7) by Julie Kenner
  • Pack Magic (Halloween Witches Book 2) by Amelia Shaw 
  • Wyrmrider Vengeance (The Fomorian Wyrmriders Book 2) by Theophilus Monroe 
30 - A Touch of Brimstone (Magic of The Damned Book 1) by McKenzie Hunter 
1 - Magic Hunter (The Rover series Book 4) by Amelia Shaw 
4 - Shadowed Steel (Heirs of Chicagoland Novel Book 3) by Chloe Neill 
  • Arise (After the Reign Book 1) by CK Dawn 
6 - Scorched Heart by Helen Harper
11 - Catnapped (magical romantic comedies 14) by R.J. Blain 
  • The Remains of the Fae (Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services Book 5) by Kate Karyus Quinn
  • Angel of the Overpass (Ghost Roads Book 3) by Seanan McGuire 
  • Black Water Sister by Zen Cho 
  • Quinn (Circle of Assassins Book 2) by Ann Gimpel 
  • The Sea Queen (Dark Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 3) by S. K. Gregory 
14 - World of Danger (Undercover Magic Book 3) by Meg Anne 
15 - The Witch's Wrath (The Elemental book) 1 by Tegan Maher 
18 - Elemental Trial (Paranormal Outcasts Book 2 ) by Sean Fletcher
20 - The Devil's Huntress (The Infernal Royals Book 1) by Emma Dean  
21 - Day Breaker (The Devil of Harrowgate Book 4) by Katerina Martinez 
25 - Celestial Magic (The Thorne Witches Book 11) by T.M. Cromer 
  • Shadow Storm (A Shadow Riders Novel Book 6) by Christine Feehan 
  • Fatal Sight (Harbingers Of Death Book 2) by l.b. carter and LeAnn Mason
27 - Wings of Magic (The Last Phoenix Book 4) by Stephanie Mirro 
28 - Blood be Damned: Magic Wars (Demons of New Chicago Book 3) by Kel Carpenter 

1 - Midnight Truth (Shifter Island Book 4) by Leia Stone 
3 - Curse The Dead (The Necromancer Council Book 2) by Laura Greenwood 
12 - Midlife Zombie Hunter (The Forty Proof Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer 
13 - Dead Jack and the Old Gods by James Aquilone 
15 - Million Dollar Demon (Hollows Book 15) by Kim Harrison  
16 - Drowning City (The Skilled Book 2) by Megan Walker
17 - A Shifter's Sin (Wolves of Hawthorne Cove Book 1) by Debbie Cassidy 
21 - Soul of the Chaos (Wolves of Chaos Valley) by K.O. Newman
22 - Blackbird Crowned (The Witch King's Crown Book 3) by Keri Arthur
  • Just Being Loki (Vikings of Virginia Book 3) by S.E. Babin 
  • Flame Riders (Smoke Eaters Book 3) by Sean Grigsby 
  • Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 2) by Lucia Ashta 
29 - Bat Out of Hell (Crimson Ops Series Book 4) by Mandy M. Roth
30 - Prophecy Girl (Rebel Heart Book 7) by Trina M. Lee 
  • Demon's Debacle: Witches of Abaddon's Gate Book 2 by Tegan Maher 
  • A Dragon's Body (The MINATH Chronicles Book 2) by A. L. Tippett 

1 - Hex on the Beach by Kelley Armstrong, Jeaniene Frost, others
  • White Raven (A Demon's Guide to the Afterlife Book 2) by Kel Carpenter and Aurelia Jane
  • Darkly Dreaming: An Uncanny Kingdom Urban Fantasy (Other London Book 2) by M.V. Stott and David Bussell
  • Blood Bound (Beshadowed Book 2) by S.A. Fenech 
  • Black Mage Hunter (The Rover series Book 5) by Amelia Shaw 
6 - A Court of Honey and Ash by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St. Clare
13 - My Colorful Conundrum by Molly Fitz 
14 - As Grimoire as It Gets (Witching Hour Book 5) by Christine Zane Thomas 
20 - The Hired Witch (Red Witch Chronicles book 6) by Sami Valentine 
26 - Witching Fire (The Wild Hunt Book 16) by Yasmine Galenorn 
  • Dark Legacy (Crawford Investigations Book 7) by J. C. McKenzie
27 - Client from Hell (Magically Hellish Comedy 1) by R.J. Blain 
28 - Stolen Magic (Honor among Thieves Book 1) by Maya Daniels 
29 - Forsaken Scars (Scars of Days Forgotten Series Book 4) by Natalie J. Reddy
  • Defy The Dead (The Necromancer Council Book 3) by Laura Greenwood 

1 - Virgo Incognito (Zodiac Guardians Book 5) by Tamar Sloan 
3 - Promise of the Gods (The Elysium Legacies Book 5) by Erin Hayes 
10 - Paper & Blood (Ink & Sigil book 2) by Kevin Hearne 
15 - Bones of the Dragon Kings (Kylie Walker Book 3) by J. Boothby 
17 - King Bullet (Sandman Slim Book 12) by Richard Kadrey 
  • Blood Dawn: Rebirth of Vampires, Book 1 (Veiled World) by Marisa Claire 
19 - Kingdom of Storms (The Desert Cursed Series Book 8) by Shannon Mayer 
25 - Everlasting Fire (Infernal Regions for the Unprepared Book 3) by Maya Daniels 
30 - dark creatures (The Dark Creatures Saga Book 1) by Ella Stone 
31 - True Dead (Jane Yellowrock Book 14) by Faith Hunter 
2 - Knives Of Justice (Carnival Of Blades Book 1) by Laura Greenwood 
7 - Revealed in Fire (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book 9) by K.F. Breene 
Booked for Kidnapping (Vigilante Magical Librarians Book 2) by R.J. Blain 
14 - The Demon Tide (The Black Witch Chronicles Book 4) by Laurie Forest 
20 - Successor of Magic: Frame of Magic by Jonathon Mcelhaney 
22 - Blood Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 3) by Lucia Ashta  
24 - The One and Only Crystal Druid (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 1) by Annette Marie 
28 - Midnight's Assassins (Ilsa Deverell Book 1) by Margo Bond Collins 

5 - A Killing Curse (The Nix Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer 
7 - Apprentice Of The Dead (The Apprentice Of Anubis Book 1) by Laura Greenwood 
12 - Hearts Unleashed: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by C.D. Gorri , Gina Kincade,  
13 - A Dead End Job by Justin Alcala 
15 The Glass Heart (Avallon Academy Book 4) by Penny BroJacquie 
19 - Everlasting Violet (Tangled Realms Series Book 2) by Jessica Sorensen 
24 - Banshee's Curse (Bones and Bounties Book 5) by Bilinda Sheehan 

2 - Up in Smoke (The Fox Witch Book 2) by R.J. Blain  
15 - The Crystal Key (Avallon Academy Book 5) by Penny BroJacquie  
18- Initiate Of The Jackal (The Apprentice Of Anubis Book 2) by Laura Greenwood
19 - The Nightshade Guild (You Mage Me  Book 11 by Jennifer Wedmore  
24- Thread of Destiny (Tara Knightley Series Book 4) by Jayne Faith 
30 - Final Magic (Harbinger P.I. Book 11) by Adam J Wright 

1 - Flare of Villainy (Imdalind Series Book 10) by Rebecca Ethington 
2 - Risen (Alex Verus book 11) by benedict jacka
  • Hunter Killer (Magi Argent Book 2) by Andrew Dobell 
3 - Dread Spectre (Fletcher & Fletcher, Paranormal Investigators Book 3) by David Bussell and M.V. Stott
8 - The Strong (Aiden Cross: Academy Outcast Book 4) by alex villavasso
9 - Dawn Breaker (Daybreaker Book 3) by pippa dacosta
  • Monster Academy for the Magical: Monster Training by jessica sorensen