26 August 2020

Book Blitz || Tsalix Silverthorn and the Scepter of Destiny by Richard Siddoway

Diving into the Kingdom of Sodizen, New York Times bestselling author Richard Siddoway launches the first book in a brand-new fantasy series: Tsalix Silverthorn and the Scepter of Destiny [Cayelle Publishing/Dagger Imprint, August 2020]. Crafting an inventive storyline with elements of adventure, action and fantasy, Siddoway’s first installment features the courageous Tsalix as he leads a dangerous quest to restore peace and order in the tiny village of Aravah.

With King Elosha close to death, his twin sons Princes Abadon and Johona are engaged in a battle over the throne of Sodizen. Hoping to put an end to the bloody chaos that ensues as one noble son fights his madman brother, the King summons three village men, and tasks them with the incredible feat of retrieving the prophesied talismans that will unlock the Scepter of Power on Mount Destiny.To aid them on this treacherous quest, the King bestows each with a vial of elements only to be opened when needed most. When the men find their hometown torched to the ground and their surviving family and friends imprisoned by Prince Abadon, they are faced with either choosing to rescue loved ones or complete their mission. After bravely choosing to obey their King, they go on to battle dangerous weather and terrain, and encounter both threatening and friendly mythical creatures. With the odds stacked against them, Tsalix heroically continues to guide them on the challenging journey across the kingdom to retrieve the Scepter that will restore peace in the realm.


RICHARD SIDDOWAY was born Salt Lake City, Utah and reared in Bountiful, Utah. He was a professional educator for over forty-five years. In 1994, he was asked by Governor Michael O. Leavitt to create the nation's first state-wide virtual high school, The Electronic High School, which served students nationwide. He served three terms in the Utah House of Representatives; the last two years he served as Speaker Pro Tempore. Siddoway is the author of a dozen books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Christmas Wish, which was made into a movie starring Debbie Reynolds, Neil Patrick Harris, and Naomi Watts. He and his wife, Janice, have eight children, twenty-six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.