14 May 2019

Book Blitz || Little Big Brother by Arsenio Franklin

Charlie is like most high school freshmen: prone to embarrassing moments and little experience with the opposite sex (okay, none). Thank God his older brother can guide him through it all. Well, sometimes. The dead can’t visit on a whim.

DeAndre’s visits are the only things keeping Charlie afloat as he navigates his teenage years. But this blessing is also a curse, straining Charlie’s friendships and threatening to derail his wishful romance with Samantha. Before Charlie can move on he needs to know if he’s really communicating with his dead brother or if it’s all in his mind as his mother and therapists believe.
The clock is ticking. DeAndre tells him he won’t be around forever and the grief is tearing at the seams of Charlie’s relationships. An encounter between DeAndre and Samantha may provide the answer, and how Charlie deals with it will be the difference between keeping those he loves and losing them forever.

About the Author

After being diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2016, Arsenio Franklin left his public relations career to pursue his passion for writing. He also works as an after-school teacher. In his free time, he enjoys running, watching NBA basketball and playing video games. A born-again WWE fan, he will defend professional wrestling as the last great performance art until his death. He lives in Gallatin, TN with his wife, Laura.